The Garden School provides a Montessori foundation for children to become independent self-starters and lifelong lovers of learning. Montessori teaches kids how to actively teach themselves, rather than just asking them to become passive receivers of information. The Garden School provides preparation for the 21st century child, who must be ready to think outside the box, in our rapidly-changing world, and at the same time, develop compassion for, and a sense of connectedness with, our fellow human beings, and the Earth and all its inhabitants.

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The Garden School of Naples opened in Fall 2020 for the 2020-2021 school year. Our classroom is located at 6051 Bayshore Drive, in East Naples.

 About the Director

Kathy Khatib received her AMI Montessori training in Perugia, Italy, and then remained for 4 years as training course assistant to the Director, Maria Antonietta Paolini.  Dott. Paolini had herself been personal assistant to Dott. Maria Montessori, for 30 years.

Kathy has created and administered Montessori schools in Pennsylvania and Kentucky, and has been privileged to work with hundreds of children, as a Montessori teacher, for many years.