Garden School Naples Florida Staff

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KathyKhatib20232348_257550951316180_3800410152541539125_o (1)Kathy Khatib – Director
Kathy has a BA in English, History and Art History, from the University of Illinois, Chicago. She received her Montessori training at the Centro Internazionale Maria Montessori in Perugia, Italy, where she remained for 4 more years, as training course assistant to Maria Antonietta Paolini, who had been Maria Montessori’s assistant for 30 years. She has been privileged to work with hundreds of children, for many years, as Montessori teacher and school administrator.

Karen Thornton – Office Manager
Karen lived in the Chicago area and moved to Naples in 1999 with her husband of 37 happy years. Karen has worked in many office positions ranging from switchboard operator, retail, customer service, credit /collections and administration. She is our office manager/receptionist/school secretary.

Gina Magee crop
Gina Magee – Teacher
Gina received her training at the North American Montessori Training Center. She worked 17 years at Hagerstown Children’s School in Hagerstown, Maryland. HCS was her home away from home where she had the privilege of working with hundreds of wonderful children and their families. She is looking forward to being part of the teaching team at The Garden School.

Marsha J. Orr – Teacher
Marsha worked as a specialist teacher at a Waldorf School in Perth, Australia for nearly 5 years, helping children in grades K-6. She has a Masters degree in teaching children with moderate disability. She is bringing her Waldorf training to The Garden School and is looking forward to undertaking Montessori training.