Our Students participate in the Artists in Bloom Bayshore Arts District Spring Show


Our students participated in the 2018 Bayshore Arts District “Artists Among the Blooms” show. Marie, a fine arts specialist who taught our children commented upon their work. About a picture painted by a 3-year-old, she said: “…Many abstract artists would be jealous of the color and movement of these ‘details.’ About another she said: “Good movement free hand, excellent position on the page; interesting shape.” A student wrote a story about “A Baby Shark” and in commenting about the detail of his painting, she said: “I love the size of the fish and the delicate size of the eye and the mouth. This drawing is a very fine beginning and shows a good sense of proportion.” We give thanks to Marie for taking such time to work with our children and comment upon their work. And, we thank Amanda Jaron ( www.AJARON.COM 3784 Bayshore Drive, Naples, FL) who with her “Sparkle” campaign to encourage art education for young people, hosted our exhibit with her legendary generosity and enthusiasm. Isn’t life grand!